Welcome to Daughter of the King


Acts of Love

My name is Maggie Moon Bean. I have been toying with the idea of blogging. I know there are billions out there, right? So why another one?

Well, I have been in a small group as we searched for our Chazown. No that is not a pasta or anything to eat, it is God’s vision for your life. I have struggled for such a long time trying to find out what God’s plan for this season of my life would be. After working through personality tests, skills, strengths, core values, and gifts it seems the best fit for me is to blog and share life with others.

I have taken the Humanmetric.com test to see what my strengths and skills are. Yikes that really is spot on. Give it a go it only takes about 5 minutes and you will be amazed at how it really is you.

I like to crochet.(not ready to sell items they are not that good.) I like to be on my computer learning new things. (taking 2 online classes now, Crystal Stine Creative Basics, Holley Gerth, Women Leading Women) I really like my church and the small group now is studying Priscilla Shirer Armor of God. I am learning more about the God I serve every day from His Handbook, Bible.

On this Blog I want to share encouragement with you and share the funny world we live in and the crazy things we all go through. I pray you come on this journey with me and share your thoughts and be lifted up knowing God loves you so extravagantly.



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