Two Internet Acts of Love and Good Works


I would like to share the Acts of love and good works that others have done for me.

There is this wonderful woman that has faithful searched out scripture for each day of the month and each month of the year. Her website is Sweet Blessings.

May Scritpure Writing Plan English

She has selected short scriptures for you to write out each day that speak to your heart about a specific topic, this month is fear and anxiety.If you take the time to actually write them out in your journal God seems to speak the truth to your heart. How awesome is that for no more than 10 minutes of your time. She seemed to think it was just a small thing she was doing.(I emailed her and those are her words not mine.)But this is a wonderful example of and “Act of Love and good works” that she has been called to do. We don’t have to create a skyscraper or write a best seller to do these acts of love, we do what God has called us to do.

Another woman that has moved my heart steps closer to God is Holley Gerth. OhOhOh what a great encourager she is. I have just finished taking her online course, “You’re Already Amazing”. It has shown me that God thinks I am amazing!  She has helped us to see where our strengths are, how God has given us talents and wired us to do certain things. We created a LIFE statement (Love Is Faith Expressed) and we are working toward that goal. It is a life long journey but now with purpose. She also has a blog that encourages us to move forward each day one step then another. She also has cards that are so uplifting from DaySpring. Just got one the other day as a matter of fact! The words just hit the hurt and helped to start the healing.

These are just two that I have found along my journey on the internet. These ladies are doing what God has designed them to do and sharing their gifts with us all as “Acts of love and good works.


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