Five Very Scary Words


I can be a scaredy cat sometimes. How about you? That huge hairy spider crawling down your wall? Come on, you can admit it, that it gives you the creeps! What about that book you started to read and it was just too scary to read at night just before you go to sleep.

Well, these can’t compare to the five little words, when asked at the end of a Bible study meeting, “Who’ll close us in prayer?” Just five little words. Not sure why they cause the panic they do but just watch everyone around you. They have been looking at the presenter with rapt attention, never loosing eye contact. When she/he utters those five words, heads look down at the ground. Inside they are screaming, don’t say my name. Just like a child that you play hide and seek with. They shut their eyes with the thought, “if I can’t see you then you can’t see me!”

There is total silence. No one breathes for fear they will be acknowledged and need to pray out loud. Everyone waits for someone, anyone to say they will pray. Have you experienced this? I have, too many times. I have been the one to know it is coming and try to figure out how to disappear. Is that you too?

As I was in my quiet time I read where the angels roar. Wow! Roar, like the crowd at a football game.

Hmmm. I then realized that I have the privilege of just talking to my Creator. The one that knows me better than anyone else, or sometimes even better than I know myself.

Shouldn’t I be so excited that he has leaned down to just hear what I have to say? Shouldn’t I jump up and wave my hand and say please pick me to be the one to talk to God. I can hardly wait to get his ear and tell him just how much we learned and just how much we all love him?

Should I worry what others will think of  my praying skills? Nope, cause I am just talking with my Abba (Daddy) and he just wants to know my heart. No judging here, He just wants to listen and maybe even talk to us.

I am going to try this the very next time we are asked “Who’ll close us in prayer?” I am not going to worry if I stumble over my words, I am just going to remember Who I am talking to and perhaps even make a small “roar” at the end.

Give it a try. Perhaps, we will try to beat each other and shout, “pick me! pick me!”

I will let you know how it went.

Tell me if you gave it a try. I would love the input and encouragement!


-I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands- (Psalm 119-10).

-I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands- (Psalm 119-10).

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