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I told you I would share what I did when it came time to pray out-loud at the next chance I was given. Remember how I said we should ROAR? Well, I failed! Yep, got the chance to jump up and down and cry “Pick me! Pick me!”  I would love to tell you I raised my hand or said,”yes, I will pray tonight, but that wouldn’t be true.

Perhaps, I need to start small. Which is exactly what I did. I didn’t look at my shoes and try to decide if  they were untied, or did I need to clean the floor where there was a smudge. Nope, I looked the leader square in the eye. (great progress for me) I was trying to get up enough breath to say I would pray when she said, “Ok, I will pray.” She hadn’t waited her normal 30 long minutes for someone to volunteer. (probably only 30 seconds that seemed sooo much longer). I missed my opportunity.

Now, I could have beat myself up for days and perhaps a whole week that I had failed. I chose instead to go straight to God and ask his forgiveness and for the strength and courage to pray the very next opportunity.  He took away the guilt and also made it possible for me to “meow” for him.

I had two, count them, TWO opportunities that very same week. It was not in front of a large group, but on the phone with two separate hurting friends. I was able to ask them for the privilege to pray for them.  Know what? God blessed my willingness to speak his words of love to them. And it WAS my privilege to pray. (meow)

I am also praying that the next time there is a request to pray I will not fear but move out and volunteer. I pray you were able to ROAR, but if you didn’t, don’t be discouraged. God can still use you. He is still madly in love with you. Just do what you can, maybe start with a meow!


2 thoughts on “Meow

  1. Oh friend! Baby steps. Keep doing that next small thing. I promise it will get easier. Practice with your family. The more you speak those words out of your heart, the more freely they will flow. I’m so proud of you!!


  2. Tammy Logan

    You ROARED on behalf of hurting friends that’s HUGE!!!!! And sometimes a meow is in order 🙂 I KNOW you will say I WILL PRAY …. Soon!!!! You are loved and appreciated!!!! 😀

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