Day Lily


Deuteronomy 31 6


My grand daughter has such a sweet heart. Where she lives there are so many flowers that bloom and tempt a small girl to want to pick them all. She has decided that her mom needs a new flower each day to brighten up the home. So she treks out to find the perfect flower each morning. On one occasion she, being the creative type, decided that just one flower was not enough so she picked two. One large day lily and one small impatient. She then thought how cool it would be to put the impatient inside the day lily to spice up her mom’s collection. That day the flowers were beautiful in their small vase.

The next day there awaited a huge surprise. True to its name, the day lily had closed so tight around the poor impatient it was not able to be seen. My grand daughter was shocked to see the one flower had such a tight hold on the flower inside.

It reminded me of just how wonderful God is to me. He is the day lily and I am the impatient. (seems to be the correct word to describe me) I am never out of his care. He keeps me safe and protected inside his loving arms.

What a great lesson from a little girl and God’s wonderful creations,


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