Don’t Worry It All Turns Out OK.


A few years ago I had given my grand daughter a book that I thought she would like to have read to her as she wasn’t able to read it on her own. That didn’t happen and the book was put on the shelf and forgotten about.

Just recently the book was brought out and she is now able to read it herself. She is hooked and she can’t get enough of it. It is the first one in a series of books with the same characters. Some of the older characters die but new ones take their place. She has just given me a list of what she would like to read next, it was the next 8 books in the series.

The other day I had to babysit for a while and she just happened to have the movie of the first book. She said let’s watch it with some popcorn. Sounded like a fun time so we sat and all three of us (her younger sister and I) watched (or tried to watch) the movie while munching on popcorn. She hasn’t learned not to tell the very next thing that is going to happen. She was so excited that she knew the characters, and how their names really sounded. She would repeat the name, let it roll off her tongue as her sister and I were trying to listen to that character tell the next adventure. There would be a scene that was starting to get scary, but my grand daughter would tell us how it was all going to play out and to not worry, or be afraid it would all turn out OK.

It was fun to see how excited she became and how animated she was in telling us all about the characters and all about the story itself. I got excited and thought about reading the whole series myself!

That got me to thinking about the Bible. A book given with the hopes the recipient will read it. Only to find out it is on a shelf, forgotten about. Then one day you find the person is reading it and is so excited about what is in the book. The reader is hooked on the people that are found there and all the things that are taking place.


The Word of God is alive and active.

The excitement is so real you can feel it. The reader shares what was read but more than that they share how the words in that book, The Bible, seem to come alive and has changed their life.

Have you read the book? Are you excited and want to share all that you know about the book with your family, friends, and neighbors? Has it changed your life? Can you keep the “Good News” to yourself, or like my grand daughter want to tell everything you know?

Let’s not be afraid to tell about the Savior that gave his life so we could live. We know the story and how it ends, so don’t be afraid, be so excited you can’t wait to share!


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