What a Sense of Humor!


Have you watched commercials that make you just break out into laughter?  A talking gecko, water heaters that fly through the air and land on a car all the while the owner is saying “that’s not good”, or one of my new favorites, “I see  you car!” they all just crack me up and I have to go with the brahahahaha. I am not sure if I can tell you the product they are selling but I can almost give you the commercial verbatim until it gets to the name of the company.

I know a few things, and one very important thing is we were made in the image of God. Part of that image surely must contain a sense of humor. Can’t  you hear Sarah when God tells her at 90 some odd years old that she is going to have a baby. (brahahahah could have been one response.)  What about Noah when told to build an ark. What is that?  And how about these guys?He will take delight in you with gladness.You just have to know God enjoyed creating these guys.

Well, I just need to tell you that God has a sense of humor in my life, perhaps that is where I get my from.

Remember my blog about Roar and how I ended up meowing? Well, God apparently wasn’t finished with me yet.(I am so very glad about that!) I was in our small group Sunday morning and wasn’t planning on talking too much, more into the listening mode. Still not sure whether I was going to meow or roar if I could get up the nerve at the end of the session. I was thinking about what I would do when God stepped in with his sense of humor and had the leader, who ALWAYS asks for volunteers to pray, called my name and said, “would you pray for us today?” Well, can’t you just see God with that grin on his face saying, “I know you can do this, you just  need a little push.” Guess what? He knows his children and I did pray and it felt great to roar. He does take delight in each and everyone of us. Thanks God!


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