God Knew


How many times have you looked back on an incident and just shook you head and said, “Who knew?” Like the time you made friends with the new kid, only to later be picked on his team to be the star player. Who knew?

What about the girl that no one really liked, yet you took the time to make her your friend, at the loss of your own reputation as “cool”. Then when you least expected to see her again she reenters your life to lift you out of a tight spot. Who knew?

I have just recently had one of those “who knew” moments. My life hasn’t been exactly on the plan I had in mind. Retirement should be just that a time to kick back and enjoy the slower pace, right? Well, my retirement has been anything but retiring. We have moved more in the last 6 years than in my entire adult life. The most wonderful thing about constant moving is meeting so many wonderful new people. You meet them in church, in a campground, or at the grocery. You strike up a conversation and the next thing you know you find so many things in common and find a new sister in Christ! Who knew?

You move away and think well, that was nice but it probably won’t last very long since we are no longer face to face. But you continue to email, and call each other and even in your old age you learn how to text. Who knew?

Then that moment, when your world comes crashing in like a storm you never planned, or even thought would come your way. It just happens,you have just moved to a new place and you feel so very alone, what are you going to do? Who can you go to for a listening ear and helping hand? You reach out to that sister you met awhile ago and her words are so sweet and loving you weep with the love that is shared. The love that distance, nor time can dampen. Who knew?

God knew! He has been leading your path the whole time. He was there at that first encounter knowing you would need those words of encouragement in just a short time. God knew that you would build a friendship that would last into eternity! God knew exactly what you would need and when you would need it and just the “right skin” to share it with you.

God knew!


God Knew-1


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