Pass It On


Just recently I had to share what I believe about God and Jesus, but the curve ball came when I didn’t want to use the “churchy” words, as I was pretty sure this precious one didn’t want to hear all the platitudes we say and don’t even realize. I was ready for the platitudes but not sharing for real.

I was reading in Joel today and this popped right off the page at me.

Share good news

The people in Joel’s time didn’t have TV, videos, snapshots or blogs about what happened in their lives. They would tell and retell the stories of their lives to their children. They would share all that God did for them and their ancestors.

This got me to thinking about the Character of God and how His character has been revealed to me in my life.

What a marvelous way to share Jesus with others . I know how he has made himself real to me and no one can say it didn’t happen, or “I don’t believe that happened ” since it DID happen to me!

Let me try out a small example of what I am trying to relate.


One time, back when I was a starving college student, we had a very short supply of funds and not any food in the pantry. My roommate and I were walking back to our small apartment, to an empty refrigerator. We were praying for God to supply for our needs. We walked just a bit farther and in the road ahead of us was a fully wrapped, ready to eat, pork sandwich. O yeah, that really happened! We looked at each other and laughed out loud and gave thanks to God. Then we chowed down. God was our provider.

I know you have stories like these to share with someone that wants you to prove that God provides.

I am not a spur of the moment kind of gal, I like to think before I speak. (keeps me out of trouble! Ha) So having these stories of my life and how God stepped in and revealed something of his character are priceless and they remind me also of just how wonderful God has been to me.

Share a special moment God allowed you to see his hand on your life!


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