Did You Miss That Gift?


I had decided to make a pan of brownies, a staple food for my husband, and the smell always fills the house. I was just checking on their progress when I heard my two grand daughters in conversation. I stopped to listen. The youngest one asked the older one, ” What is Nana making?” The older, much wiser one said, “She’s making brownies.” Younger, “Why does she make brownies?” The sage, ” Because that is what Nanas do?”

The conversation brought a smile to my face and the brownies brought a smile to my husband’s and an unexpected shout from the grand daughters.

We are going through the book of James in church and this verse jumped off the page after the brownie episode.

James 1 17Now, my brownies weren’t a gift from God, but maybe in a way they were. God has put such a love in my heart for my husband. I love to give him gifts I am sure he will like. Brownies are at the top of the list. So maybe!

I think I miss so many good gifts from God because I am not paying attention. I am racing here and there and my mind is all over the map. I miss the most wonderful things God has placed in my path for that day. Perhaps I am looking for only the huge ones that no one misses.

I have started to slow down and really look at the things around me. The most wonderful bird created, ( my opinion) the hummingbird. God placed me in the right spot at the exact moment one would almost fly in my face. We were both hovering right in front of each other. (I was frozen and the little guy was hovering in one spot.) We inspected each other quietly and quickly and then he flew on to the nearby flower. Now that was a special gift straight from God!

What about the flowers that are blooming, they are perfect and another gift from God. That phone call you weren’t expecting but it was just the one  you needed to hear. Good. Perfect. That letter that arrived in the mail from a friend you hadn’t heard from in a while. Good.

I know the feeling I have when my husband chomps away and murmurs sounds of contentment at those brownies. I am so very pleased to have made his day. I think the Father feels the same way when we tell him how wonderful the sunset was, or what a beautiful animal a horse is. I wonder if he is disappointed when I rush  through and don’t notice that sunrise and respond in awe. Are there other “gifts” that I don’t “unwrap” because I am to busy.

I’m going to take the time today to notice ALL the gifts that have come down from the Father for me and give him a huge thank you.

Have you left some gifts unwrapped?


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