Just The Right Words


Have you ever heard a song, at just the right moment, that lifts your heart and reminds you who is still leading you. This song by Danny Gokey is exactly one of those songs. Take a listen.

I have had some very difficult  moments, well months actually, in the past year and when I heard the first line of the song it made me sit and listen very quietly, because my life was shattered and in a thousand pieces on the floor. It certainly did feel like I would never get back to the way things used to be.

Our God is so amazing. He does tell us “to let our hearts beat again”, even when we are sure they have stopped with all the pain. No, he invites us to “step into the light of grace”!

As I look back over the past, the song reminds me I “don’t live there any more”. God has used his healing hands to pull  me through and when Danny sings, “Beginning, let that word wash over you”, that is exactly what I am doing. Today is a new beginning and as a result of all the dark moments God has called me closer to himself and the Light is getting brighter with each passing day.

Tell your heart

The most wonderful news is that if you are struggling with dark moments, or struggles in your life God will do exactly the same thing for you as he is doing for me. You can “leave the darkness and feel the sun”. God is working all things out for your good. He is madly in love with you!

Maybe take a second listen to the song and tell your own heart to “beat again!”

Check out Holley Gerth for more encouraging words. Holley Gerth


One thought on “Just The Right Words

  1. hikergirl78

    Coming over from Coffee For Your Heart! Thanks for this reminder and for sharing that song. It is a good one. There are definitely seasons of my life too where God speaks more to me in songs than from Scripture, sermons, etc. I should go back and revisit some of those songs, I think?! 🙂


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