He Answers


I have started to read the Bible with the intent of finding out about the Character of God. I want to know him in a new way and thought I would share some of this with you and just how this character of God is influencing my life. I am making a list of the exact words the Bible uses to describe our God. (haven’t started with the implied things yet.)

Psalm 120

I have been dealing with some severe pain in my back. I don’t know about you, but pain kind of makes me a brute to live with. My poor husband bares the brunt of my “nasties” when they escape my mouth. I try to be kind and loving but so much of my energy is spent just being. It hurts to walk, to stand, certain movements are very painful and I seem to need to bend or stretch most of the day.

I had to retire early because standing and moving around all day was exhausting not to mention it made me cranky.

I am not a complainer most of the time.  I do have pity parties and that is a private affair with just me, and sometimes I include my husband. I didn’t even bring my complaint to God as I just was thinking that this was the way things were supposed to be. I thought the Dr. would be able to operate and fix the mess that is my back, but he said he wouldn’t touch me as my bones were soft as butter. UGH. So he sent me to someone else. Who in turn sent me to someone else. Each time the answer was the same, can’t help.

In my frustration I asked God if this was His plan? His answer was, “Do you trust me?” I had to stop and really think this through, did I really trust God or was I trusting myself? After much prayer I came to the conclusion that, yes, I did trust God and it was OK if the pain never went away as long as God would see me through the next day I was going to be great.

When I finally went to God and asked him for relief. (I can just see him saying “FINALLY, YOU BRING THIS TO ME!”) Just as you read the verse from Psalm 120:1 I took my troubles to the LORD and he answered my prayer.

The person that I was sent to told me about something that might help. I have been in the trial period for the last week and it has been wonderful. I had forgotten how it felt to not be in pain and how to feel great. I don’t know if all the things will line up to make this a permanent thing for me but I do know that I trust God and that he has been drawing me closer to Himself. He is revealing just Who He is and that it is OK to bring him everything about me (He already knows anyway.) and he will hear my prayers and answer me. He doesn’t always say Yes, just as any good father would never always say yes to his child. He knows exactly what is best for me (you too) and that is what he is giving me.

Are you trying to handle your trouble by yourself or are you taking them to the One that can solve them and is waiting for you to bring them to Him.

Don’t wait!


3 thoughts on “He Answers

  1. Praying that your pain will continue to lessen and that your list of character attributes of God would multiply! ♥ Love reading with a purpose– one year I set out to circle all the instances of ‘unfailing/unending love’…. ♥ God is good. Happy to be your neighbor at Holley’s link up!


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