Not That!


PATIENCE! How  many times do I need to learn that concept?? I think I have a grasp on it and can finally manage to live my life with patience and then something comes along to try my last nerve. You too?

This summer in a new state, a new home, and a new church has been a journey that should be for the young. My husband of 43 years (should tell you we are not in the young category!) and I have been on this journey. We have had our patience tried for over 6 months now and have settled into a calm. (at least I think we are calm.)

We are in a state that has had temperatures  well over a 100 degrees for the last 3 weeks. I don’t know about you but 104 is not a temperature that should be felt by human beings! This is not a state that you would think has temperatures that high. Even the locals are miffed at the heat.

Sunday morning was an exception to the rule here lately. Woke up to a beautiful day of 78 and a wonderful cool breeze. We headed off to church. When we arrived the lady that was handing out the little flyer said there is no electricity in the city now sooo. Well, just to give you  some idea of the problems here; we have no windows, the walls are black, the ceiling is black, and we have a band that plays the keyboard, and electric guitars. Hmm, so does this mean there is not going to be church? Nope, cell phones were lit. You know men, they always have tools handy.  Some of them even  had flashlights.

We were led to a seat by a friend with a flashlight. It was like being in the movies, back when ushers led you to your seat with their flashlights. (now you are sure I am not in the category of young! Ha)

As we sat there I was wondering how this was going to happen. When the Pastor came to the back door and made an announcement that we were going to do church outside! Huh.

We have a portico at the church that is fairly large and the men started to take the chairs outside and line them up in rows. We had church in the cool breeze on that beautiful day. Know what the sermon was on? You guessed it PATIENCE.

Now I don’t know if the Pastor was concerned or worried but it sure didn’t seem like it because it didn’t take him long to move us outside and get started like this was the most nature thing to do. It was beautiful and everyone seemed to be just fine with it. (we even had all the children with us as their rooms were too hot and dark for them to have their service.)

James 5 7

How wonderful that God had prepared all the things to be perfect for us. The weather, the wisdom of the pastor, and the message. God is like that in our lives if we will allow him complete control.

How are YOUR patience lately?


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