Did You Throw Out The Anchor?


Trust you Lord

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with life? Things happening too fast to even try to keep up? Wonder what else life can throw your way? How do you handle the next thing?

This song by Ryan Stevenson puts things in the correct perspective, take a few minutes and listen.


Life can hard. There I said it and I feel better for admitting it. I know at times it seems it could be easier to just curl up with a good book and escape the chaos. Perhaps throw in some excellent chocolate and things could look a lot better. That only lasts as long as the chocolate holds out. (a girl can only eat so much chocolate)

Lately, things have been crazy in my life. Between Dr.s , hospitals, moving, trying to find our place in the new surroundings, it has just been overwhelming. I seem to have forgotten where my source is. Then as I was listening to the radio the song, “Eye of the Storm” came on. The words were exactly how I had been feeling. When he got to the chorus, it was a fresh drink of cool water for my parched throat.

In the eye of the storm

You remain in control

in the middle of the war

Your guard my soul

’cause you alone are the anchor

when my sails are torn

Your love surrounds me

in the eye of the storm.

We can be in the “storms of life”, but God is right there with us. He is guarding our soul. He surrounds us with his presence and his love. Can you think of any place safer of more calm? Nothing is too great that He can’t deal with. No one is strong enough to stand against him. His love is never ending and that same love surrounds us.

If life is starting to overwhelm you. Kids have just stepped on your last nerve, car trouble, friends seem so far away, then stop and just listen to the song again.

Know that God IS in control and he is guarding your soul. He loves you like crazy with his never ending love!

He alone is the anchor in the eye of the storm.




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