Fool’s Paradise


I would have thought at my age I would have things pretty much together! I am finding out that I am living “in a fool’s paradise” as the commercial says.

I have been trying to live the life of a Christian. I don’t know if that looks different to everyone or not, but I thought I knew what it meant. Try to do God’s will, spend time with him each day, and fellowship with other Christians.  I have been working hard at it for quite some time now and thought I was on the right road. It seems great until you get to a part where you can’t seem to do something by yourself.

I had tried everything to fix this particular problem but I felt so defeated and nothing I was doing worked. In my frustration I went to God in prayer. (confession: most of my prayers are spoken so that God couldn’t get a word in edgewise if he tried, then I say Amen and go about my day). I know that God knows all about me and my situation so this time I went to him and just spoke what I was feeling and was seeking his hand in all of this. I sat very quietly just thanking him that he was in this with me, and no matter how it was finally resolved I wasn’t willing to compromise on God’s standard of right and wrong and I just wanted him to get the glory.

As I sat there quietly, God led me to the perfect solution! I would have never thought of doing this particular thing in a million years. God blessed me because I wasn’t willing to compromise and solved it so I didn’t have to. It was such a freeing feeling. I have finally realize (at least I am holding tightly to this realization this time) that I am not alone in my struggles. I have the most wonderful God who is right here with me in the battle. He is so wise! He is so very willing to help me and you too.

I finally understand where I have traveled down the wrong road. I am not to do things by myself. I am to seek God’s help and wisdom. He is so willing to provide it. I am not in charge. He is! I am not to lean on my own understanding but to acknowledge Him and he will direct my path. I can take that next deep breath and enjoy the goodness of God.



Take a deep breath and Trust the LORD!



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