Who Are You Fighting?



Have you ever had someone you love attacked with hateful words? What about snide remarks or just downright ugly stares that hurt to the very core of your being? What about walking into a room and being totally ignored like you were invisible? Do you get so angry you could spit nails? Are you ready to mount an attack? Will you single-handedly clean their clock? Do you shout to God to “take them out!”?

Perhaps, I am the only one that has these misguided thoughts. Someone very close to me has had these things happen and I am embarrassed to say I thought many of the above things. I have gone to bed thinking of things to say that would show my anger and disdain. Then, this morning as I was in my quiet time with God, he was gently talking to me. (He probably should have been shaking his head and pounding his fist at my misguided loyalty.)

I had not long ago finished the Bible Study on the Armor Of God. Apparently, when I finished the Bible Study my mind totally left what I learned in the notebook with all my notes. God has a way of bringing what he teaches to the pop quiz time.

Our conversation went something like this.

Who are you angry with?

The person that was so rude and just downright awful. Yes?

Well, my word says you are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies.

Oh, yeh that lesson God, but did you see what happened?


Well, are you going to “take them out”?

No. Who are you to stand against?

Well, them?


The enemy, that is trying to get me to look the wrong way?

Yes! Who already has the victory?


You are remembering. What do you need to do?

So went the time I spent this morning and you know what? He is absolutely correct.(surprise surprise ) I have been looking at this all wrong. I do need to pray that the enemy has no more control over this person and that I am not to fight the person but the real enemy.

Hard lesson? You bet? Have I  mastered it. Not yet. I am still a work in progress but I am making progress. The best part is that I now have the Lord fighting this battle and I just need to pray. I know the winner already.

Are you in a situation something like mine? Perhaps the words or snub were toward you.

Don’t fight the battle with the wrong person and DON’T fight it alone.

God is just waiting for you to ask!






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