What’s Your Name?



As I was growing up life was ideal. I had a sister,mom,and dad. We lived in what I thought was a huge home. My parents loved each other and both of us and they loved God. All was wonderful until I turned ten. The bottom fell out of my world, my father died. Everything went sideways and we struggled to find normal again.

It seems when a child loses a parent in those early years they struggle with self-worth and feeling loved and accepted. They seem to overachieve seeking love and that much need acceptance.

I tried to live on the coattails of my mom’s faith. Thinking I was a Christian because I lived in the same house. As that young adult I still struggled with self-worth and acceptance. Not until I gave God my life did a shift take place.

It has been a process, hard at times but never not worth the struggle. I now have a heavenly Father who adores me! He is, in this season of my life, lavishing his love on me. I haven’t done anything to deserve or earn such love. (He loved me so much he sent his Only Son to make a way for me to become his daughter.)

I know he crazy about me. He knows every part of me, my thought, my concerns, my joys, and my sorrows. He always has time for me day or night. He longs for me to share all that is going on in my life and he wants to carry my burdens.

Francesca Battistelli says it so much better in her song, “He Knows My Name”. Take a moment to Listen as she shares about our Abba.(Daddy) You see, we have the same Father.

If you haven’t called out to him, don’t wait another second!

He is waiting.

Guess what?

He knows YOUR name.




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