You’re Kidding Right?



I know, I know it is only October. It is like walking into Wal-Mart in September.  You need to get your phone out to check the date because in the garden section are Christmas trees, in the seasonal there is all sorts of Halloween stuff and in the center isle are Thanksgiving items.

Well, I just wanted to share a group with you that seems to put out new albums at Christmas time. Their sound is like no other. They are the Pentatonix.

I don’t want to spend time talking about them except to say they are so much fun to just watch and listen to. If  you like their sound check out some others in the side bar to the right of the song.

I just can’t get over there is no musical instruments, their voices and the one guy makes all those extra sounds.

Listen and enjoy!




One thought on “You’re Kidding Right?

  1. This is one of my absolute favorite groups!! They always make me happy when I listen. I especially love their Christmas album. I listen to it all year long and it instantly makes me smile 🙂


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