Are You Sure This is Your Will?



If you are a parent, I am sure that not every plan you make for your child is shared with them before hand. There are lots of reasons for this, perhaps you want to surprise them with something fun and exciting but you know they would be too excited and the time is too far away to have them ask a 1,000 times, “Is it today?”

Perhaps it is not something so pleasant and it would be to scary for your child to know too far in advance. If they have to have their tonsils out, or in my son’s case he had to have very serious heart procedure done at the age of 4. You don’t want to share this till the last minutes so as not to scare them and have them dread each day, once again asking, “Is tomorrow the day?”

You as a parent know these are good things for your child. They will be healthier in the long run. The trip to Disney World will be such a great time. Your children, however, don’t have the same perspective as you. They don’t know what you know.

Put the shoe on the other foot. Can you remember as a child knowing something was about to happen because your parents were whispering to each other or had those Cheshire cat expressions on their faces all the time? You were sure they knew something more than they were telling you.

I can remember when I had to have my tonsils out. Yikes! That was a surprise I could have done without. Even though my folks told me I would feel so very much better, is sure didn’t feel like it at the time.

Today’s song is by Hilary Scott called, “Thy Will Be Done” Listen closely to the words.

As an adult and also a child of God we also go through many things that “Don’t feel good” and we cry out to God telling him this isn’t right and it feels awful! When a loved one gets very ill, or we can’t pay the bills-again. They let your husband go because there just  isn’t any work. There goes your insurance. No, “this don’t feel good right now”.

As Hilary keeps singing she reminds us that Our Father knows what is best for us and he has all of our life in his hand. She says,” I have to remember your God and I am not!”

Then the words, “Thy will be done.” are sung. Are we ready to let go and trust our Father. Do we let go and tell him that no matter what we see with our eyes right now, we want His will to be done?

These may be the hardest 4 words to speak, “Thy will be done.”, but if we remember that “He sees you and hears you” and has the very best plans for you and only goodness in store for you how can we say anything else.

He is God.

We are not.

He knows the future.

We do not.

Trust him today and say,

Thy will be done.



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