When Did I Forget?



Oh my goodness! They have written a song about me! Can you believe it? Someone must have been covertly following me or had those hidden cameras all around my home and car.

Wait, this is not a good thing. The title of “My Song” is “King of the World” by Natalie Grant.

No I’m not the  King of the World but the chorus is all me; “When did I forget that YOU’VE always been the King of the World?”

Ouch! Yep that’s the part that is all about me alright. I am large and in charge. I have this inner voice that sometimes, well most times, jumps out of my mouth before I can clamp my hands over it. Things like-“you need to turn at the next light”, or ” we need to have this done by this afternoon.” Lift that barge, tote that bail. Hop to, heave ho, and all that!

I seem to forget, I am the one made out of dust and I am NOT the King of the World!

I have tried to make God small enough so we were eye to eye but a god that small certainly isn’t large enough to help me out of all the trouble I get myself into. How often I need to be reminded that God has a plan for my life? He holds my life, my future in His hands.

This life he has given me is to be used to glorify Him-NOT ME. He is the one that gives me my next breath.

Instead of being the bossy one that feels everyone should do what I say, I am the one that has NO knowledge of the future, I need to come humbly before the one and only true King of kings and quietly ask what do YOU have for me to do today? How can I bring glory to YOU, oh King of the World?

Please LORD, be King of my life.

I want to be a servant today not a pretend king. Please use me in any way you desire.

Have you been playing at being King for the day?

Listen as Natalie Grant sings the song that reminds you and I just who we are, NOT the KING OF THE WORLD.



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