Broken Hearted


broken-14There have been times in my life where it seems like everything but the ceiling has come crashing down on me. Have you had a season of life like that? Your heart is broken by a family member or a close friend and the hurt is crushing,

Have you done something you wish you could take back or undo? Doesn’t it feel like God just walks away because He is so upset with you?

Well, this song for today is for your hurting heart. Listen to Crowder as he sings, “Come As You Are.”

I know the thing that makes the most sense, get the problem solved on your own, get yourself cleaned,then go to God to say you messed up AGAIN and seek His forgiveness.

But that is not the way God’s economy works! Good news, right? We are to take all our brokenness, hurts, pain, shame, and whatever you are dealing with and lay it at Jesus’ feet. We are not too far from Him that we can’t come back-He tells us to “Come as you are.” He wants to clean us up and heal our hurt.

You wouldn’t tell a child that just fell and scraped his knee, bleeding, and crying in pain to clean himself up. Get it together before he comes to ask you for help, would you? Of course not!

Our Father in Heaven wants you to run, limp, or walk to him just as you are. Hurting, bloody, and bruised he offers hope to the hopeless. There is rest for the weary and cleansing for the dirt in your life.

Hear these words, “Fall into His arms.” Doesn’t that sound inviting? Arms so strong that catch you and hold you close until you are ready to start again.

Remember earth, (that hurting place you’re in right now) has no sorrow (pain, regret, fear) that heaven can’t heal.

Go now and fall into the arms of Jesus. He can and will heal that broken heart.

He ADORES you my friend!





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