flawless-18When you hear the word FLAWLESS what do you think of? A diamond? Perhaps a performance at a live theater? YOU?  Do you see yourself as flawless?

If your a teenager you are very quick to say NO WAY! (just discovered a zit) What about you in your early twenties? “Not yet,” you say? How about in your forties? “Are you kidding we have teenagers!”

If you have turned to Jesus as your Savior, whether teenager, twenties, forties, or whatever age you are-you ARE FLAWLESS!

Not me! I still get angry. I just envied my neighbors’ life.  I lost it with my kids again!

But like the song for today, FLAWLESS, by Mercy Me, says; “this unconditional kind of love would be enough to take a filthy wretch like this and wrap him up in righteousness, But that’s exactly what He did.”

Listen, soak in the words.

When you turned your life over to Christ that’s what he did, He made you Flawless!

Yes, we still sin daily, but all we need do is repent , turn and walk once again with our Savior on the path he has for us.

Remember, “the cross was enough.” Christ died to make YOU flawless.

Give him praise and thanks each day, because “no matter what they say or what you think,” Christ has made you flawless!




2 thoughts on “Flawless

  1. I love this song! It has been one I’ve listened to over and over this year and it has really spoken to me. Such amazing truths! I’m planning to write about it in my series too.


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