How Many Times?



We have been on vacation for the last couple days. It is so great to get away from home to see new things.

However, when things don’t go as planned it is not such a fun time to be away. Things have happened while we were away that have caused us so much stress. The fun has gone out and has been replaced by stress, worry, self doubt, and fear.

The song from Plumb, “Need You Now” seems to be the song that we need to hear again. Listen with me as we hear the very important words.

This is right where we are, “standing on a road I didn’t plan.” Have you been here? This is where we are finding ourselves right now. She also goes on to say, “Though I walk through the shadows and I am so afraid, please stay right beside me.”

We have found that God has stayed right beside us and he has not left us to our own devices. We are seeking God to intervene for us. His word tells us: “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.” We are holding on to God’s promises for us.

Have you been in a dark situation that you are not in control of and need help? God is always available to hear your prayers. He walks with you even in the darkest valley.




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