Everyone is Going Through Something


storm-21We all have something in our lives causing us upheaval. Perhaps, like one friend, the whole family has sinus, coughing, and are just not feeling great. Maybe, like another friend, they are living daily with the possibility of her husband being let go because the company he works for is cutting back and letting long time employees go. Maybe, your going through the possibility of upcoming surgery.

The song Ryan Stevenson shares today, “THE EYE OF THE STORM” seems to speak to hard times. Listen as he reminds us who is in control.

It seems so hard to think of anything but what you are going through. Just as Peter, when he took his eyes of Jesus and began to sink into the water. The circumstances seemed to overwhelm him. He cried out to the only one that could take care of the situation, Jesus!

When you are going through circumstances beyond your control remember, “in the middle of the war, You guard my soul.” God alone “is the anchor who guards your soul.”

God is our only hope, and we need to put all our trust in him.

He is always available. He loves you and will see you through any and all storms.

He has a tight grip on you and he will “keep holding on.”

You and God will go through the storms together. Keep your eyes on Him and not the storm.



One thought on “Everyone is Going Through Something

  1. Tammy

    That’s the EXACT song that came to me last night 🙂 for mine and someone else’s behalf 🙂 thank you for the post you are a treasure and so loved!!!!!!!


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