Today’s song is all about praise! The definition of praise: express warm approval or adoration. So we give praise to children who have done well on a task. Perhaps they have picked up all their toys, or did a kind thing to a sibling.

If you go to a football game you give that approval by jumping up from your seat and shouting something like “go team” or “Yeah!”

Have you ever gotten praise? Perhaps you got a raise on your job. Maybe you made a gift for some one and received praise for it. Praise makes one feel very special.

We can praise God. We don’t usually stand up and say, “go God!” unless you are strange like me. When I see that God has done something that seemed to be not important to anyone else but me that’s when I shout “Go God”! (perhaps when I misplace an item and I find it immediately)

The song today is by Aaron Shust and the title is “Ever Be”. Listen and praise God along with him as he sings.

I think too often we take things for granted that we should praise God for, like your next breathe! The song tells us that, “God’s kindness makes us whole”. Being whole is a great thing to praise God for! How about when “He shoulders our weakness and His strength becomes our own”? Oh, yeah that should bring us to our feet as we shout, “thank you Lord!” “You are awesome.”

We need to find things through out our day and praise (express warm approval or adoration to) God.

When was the last time you gave God praise?

Maybe you can do some praising right now!

We need to be like the Psalmist and “sing praise to our God as long as we live!”




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