Difference of Opinion


mended-25So often we see ourselves in a not so pretty light. Maybe you made that same mistake for the 100th time and you are sure you are no good to anyone.

You could look at your like and think God couldn’t possibly fix you this time. Maybe it’s an addition. Could be you broke your word, again. We see ourselves as broken beyond repair.

The song for today talks about this very thing. “Mended”, by Matthew West. I know I can’t say it as well as  he does in his lyrics. Please listen especially if you are feeling like there is no hope left for you.

God doesn’t see you the way that you see you. We may think we are beyond God’s reach with all the sin we have done. We seem like “nothing but damaged goods.” But God, (don’t you love those two words?) sees us in a whole different way. He sees us as “something good in the making!”  He is not finished with us yet.

He paid a great price for you and for me, he gave his life! “There is nothing you could ever do to lose what grace has won.”

What great news. We are not beyond God’s reach. His mercy is new every morning. He calls you his child, his beloved. What wonderful words. He sees us as priceless.

“So lift your eyes.”

You are in the process of becoming!

“You are one step away from home.”



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