Chain Breaker


chains-26I absolutely love today’s song! It makes me want to start clapping and its a toe tapper. Perhaps when you hear it you will want to just say AMEN. ( there’s a perfect place for that too.)

I want you to hear the song but I am afraid once you start listening you won’t return so I will share some first.

I know if you have lived on planet earth for more than 2 years you have suffered pain, heart ache, or you have felt lost, or caught up in things you wish you could escape from. Today’s song shares about the feelings that life brings.

There is a story in the Bible about Paul and Silas. They were headed to the place of prayer when this young girl came up behind them shouting that Paul and Silas were telling people how to be saved. (She was a slave who could tell fortunes, and made loads of money for her owners.) She followed them around shouting this for a few days. Paul, finally had enough, and commanded the spirit to come out of her.

This did not make Paul a popular fellow with her owners as they now had no way to make all that money. So, they grabbed Paul and Silas and drug them to the market place to face the magistrate. Now, did they say that Paul had caused them to loose money because the slave girl could no longer predict the future, No. They told the magistrate that Paul and Silas had caused their town to be in an uproar! They were promoting customs that good Roman citizen weren’t allowed practice. (what?)

So after they were beaten they were thrown into prison, not just prison but the inner cell where they were put in stocks.

Now these two were singing and praising God in those stocks and the other prisoners were just listening. At midnight, God had other plans for those two. There was a violent earthquake and the prison doors flew open and the chains came loose, not just Paul and Silas but everyone’s chains.

You may not be in prison but still feel like you are locked up in chains. Could be chains of addition, chains of lies, chains of heartache, so lost you don’t want to go on, those chains that no one sees but you.

Great News. Jesus is the “Chain Breaker”.

Listen to Zach Williams sing “Chain Breaker”. It’s OK if you want to clap, tap, or shout amen, its just that kind of song.

Your chains, whatever they are can be broken and you can receive forgiveness from Jesus. Just call out to him and tell him you need him and want to live your life with him instead of without him.

Let him break your chains today!



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