It’s a Scandal!


scandal-27Halloween is almost here! A time when you put on a mask and become someone or something else. You don’t need makeup on to cover your wrinkles, and no need to comb your hair because your costume will take care of that.

It seems that Halloween isn’t the only time we wear a mask. When you are having a day that started out with an argument, burnt toast, car trouble, or a headache, and you are asked, “How are you?” Do you answer with, “I am fine.” You have that fake smile that on the outside says everything is OK but on the inside things are not OK.

What if people knew what was going on inside your home? Would they judge you? Your house is beautiful on the outside, lawn is beautiful, flowers are just right, even when you walk in the door it is just perfect. They don’t know about the child that is doing drugs, or the husband that works all hours and isn’t there for you. Another mask.

There is someone that knows all those dark secrets and doesn’t turn away, He offers a gentle hand to pull you out of the darkness and into his marvelous light. He offers GRACE.

Grace is God offering to move heaven and earth to save you from all the masks you are wearing. He offers you a life free from all the guilt and shame. Scandalous! Shocking! How could anyone know your darkest secrets and yet forgive you?

Jesus does just that. He forgives our sins and puts our feet on solid ground and we get a new chance. One that requires no masks, just who he made us to be.

Today’s song is by Unspoken , “Call It Grace.” Listen to the words and know that Jesus IS unchanging, unfailing, and so amazing.

Won’t you let him take your place?


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