What’s All This Junk?


messy-2Yikes! We are preparing to move and everything is in chaos. We have to get rid of most of the things we have collected over the years because we are “going small.” Have  you seen the program on TV called “Tiny House”? Well, if you have you get the picture. We are moving from a home to a very small space. My husband and I have done this before and really love the life style. It is just “getting there” that is such a mess.

We have been going through clothes, notebooks, books, old letters, you name it we are going through it trying to decide if the item is a “keeper.”

To decide this you have to think of how much space you have and is this an essential item, do I need it or can I donate or toss it away. As we were going through all the papers we had thought were essential from our last move, I decided to toss all the awards and certificates I had amassed from 25 years of teaching. What was I keeping them for, I am retired for goodness sake! My husband found them in the trash to be taken to the shredder and he asked me why I was throwing them away. I asked him why would I want to keep them. He said they were my history. I just laughed and said I know all of them and no one else cares so we tossed them.

This got me to thinking about how we amass all the guilt and regret through out our lives. Just like all that paper it was only weighing us down and there was just no room to keep it. Our guilt and regret is the very same way. It weighs us down and where do we put it?

Do we store it in a box that’s called our minds and hearts? Does it pop out at the most inopportune moment and make us feel shame that leads to regret? I don’t know about you but I was carrying a lot of guilt and shame from things in my past.

The verse for today comes from Matthew 11:28. This verse is the ultimate shredder. God tells us to come to him with our regrets and guilt and he will give us rest. Doesn’t that sound absolutely wonderful?

Don’t wait!

Take all your “burdens” to God.

Let him take them from you and lighten your load.


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