Rock Paper Scissors


rock-stones-praise-25There is a game children play to see who gets to go first or gets to win some prize, its called Rock Paper Scissors. There is even a commercial out now and the winner gets the pumpkin spice cream if they win.

This is the season of Thanksgiving and we sometimes need to be reminded of what to give thanks for besides a huge meal.

In the Bible there was a way to remember what the LORD had done for the Israelite’s, gather rocks, stones, or pebbles to build an altar. They would tell their children this altar was to remember crossing the Red Sea on dry ground, or the Tablet of commands the LORD had given to Moses, or something to remember and give thanks to the Lord for.

Perhaps we also need to gather “stones” to remember what the LORD has done for us, so it is easy to remember just what was done on our behalf by God. I have started to make a list on my computer with a “stone” and then the words of what God has done. (Seems my memory is clogged by unimportant things so that the important things get lost. Ha)

Now I just have to check my computer each time I turn it on and see what the Lord has been up to in my life.

There has been so much more to be thankful for this year as I reach for my “stones” and give thanks for all He has done.

Give it a try.

Make your reminder today, on note cards, checklist on you phone, or “stones” on your computer.

You’ll be amazed!


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