God With Us


immanuelI have joined the online Bible Study, “Because of Bethlehem”, led by Max Lucado. It is about Advent.

What is Advent you ask? It seems that we have forgotten just what Advent is all about. Lots of the people in the discussion on the blog of the Bible study were asking that question.

Advent is the time we stop and remember just what God did for us so long ago.

He sent His very own son into this world as that tiny little baby, Jesus Christ.

Max said something that just made me pause and think for some time. His words were, “As Mary took her first look at the sweet child in her arms, did she think: “So this is what God looks like?”

“Immanuel, God with us!” Isaiah 7:14 tells us that God is with us.

Spend time this week just thinking about that, God is with you.

He is with you as you make breakfast.

God is with you when you hurry to the store to get those gifts.

God is with you when you feel lonely.

God is with you when you feel depressed.

God is with you when you are so very happy.

God is with you every moment of every day.

He is there to guide you.

He is there to lift you up.

He is there to comfort and guide you.

God is with you. God is with me. God is Immanuel. Give it some thought. You are never alone. You are loved beyond your widest dreams.

Advent = Remember what God has done.

Next week a different thought on Advent.


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