What a Gift!



I try to imagine being a shepherd on the night of the announcement. There you are just about to drift off for a few quick zz’s when the sheep start to stir. You are sure it must be some sort of predator. Now you are on high alert. Looking into the night straining your eyes to see what has made the sheep unsettled.

Suddenly, that’s the way the Bible states it, there is this light like no other. Then this booming voice tells me not to be afraid. Too late! I am shaking just as the sheep are.

Next you hear “I have great news.” Are you talking to me, no one ever has great news for me? Then this voice that is attached to an angel tells all of us out there in the field that the Messiah has been born. Tonight! It’s a baby!

Just as you are thinking this through, Messiah a baby? The whole sky lights up and this singing, loud enough to break your eardrums, starts and you feel the awe all the way to your very bones!

I don’t know about you but that was some worship those angels shared. They just couldn’t hold back and the whole night sky was alight with their worship!

Are you excited to remember the birth of the King? Are you ready to celebrate the wonder of the gift God gave to all mankind?



Let your face glow like the night sky the angels lit up and rejoice!

The King has come!

Jesus is Born!

Worship the King!




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