Press Reset!


fear-5This is me! At least that is what it feels like right now.

We have moved to a new place. We have to start all over again. We need new doctors, new church family, new grocery store, (where I can find the simplest things like band aides), new everything!

The day we arrived we didn’t know anyone and as we were moving in my husband cut his finger very badly. It needed stitches! I don’t even know where I packed the band aids! I gave him some tissues and the blood just soaked through those in about 2 seconds.

Now what? Where is the closest urgent care? We asked the people that helped us get started setting up and they gave us this hunk of gauzy stuff that slowed down the bleeding and some directions I only half heard, to the nearest urgent care.

Off we plunged into the traffic. I got to where I thought the directions lead only to find the place locked up tighter than a tomb. This can’t be right. So I called the urgent care, and I am sure the poor woman on the other end thought I was over the edge. (I think I kind of was) She told me we were close and talked me through getting to her location. She was very kind and extremely patient with me.

Five stitches and 2 hours later we were on our way back home to try and get ready for the night. My husband can’t use his hand for 8 to 10 days and now it all is up to me! OK, now is the time to fear right?

The people around us helped us get the outside kind of done, at least we had electric and water. That is a good start. I just had to stop and talk to the LORD because he could see that I really needed to get calm.

He helped us get settled for the night. The world didn’t end. My husband will live to tackle another day. We were warm, had a place to sleep and TV dinners in the microwave. So I needed to not be so fearful and just trust the Lord.

I am not sure why my first thought, when things don’t go as I planned, is panic. Are you like me?

In the days following things have been upended quite a few times since but I am learning to stop and just talk with God. He sees my struggles and he knows the best way forward. I am less fearful when I take this first step. Like I said, I am learning, it seems to be a process.

When you feel like the whole world is crashing around you, stop!

Take time to just talk to God.

He knows what you need to do and he is waiting to help you.

Don’t panic, pray instead.


2 thoughts on “Press Reset!

  1. Tammy

    AMEN!!!!! What gets me is my walk with God is nearing 19 years some would say wow you still struggle YES I DO lol but GOD NEVER changes!!!! No matter the journey or the time line I’m learning I’ll never know it all and I have to wrangle one day at a time and we are so blessed God is God and we are not 🙂 thank you for being REAL 🙂 💗


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