Whose Plan?


plan-19I have been rethinking my life lately. I look at what some of my friends are doing and wondering if I have followed my plan or God’s.

I see a friend one of the blogs I follow and she is seeking God for the “big” dream of her heart to  have a barn where she and her family can mentor to people that need God’s encouraging word.

Another friend has taken a life struggle of loosing her spouse to meeting the needs of others who are going through the grief process. What a ministry!

I watch another friend that takes the lumps and bumps of what life has placed in her life and sharing God’s redemptive power. Yikes!

Then today as I was reading Proverbs 19:21 it brought it all together in a clear picture for me. Whose plan am I working from?

Please watch this short video.

God placed these things on my table today. Hmmm. It has made me think about my life and all I have done for me. I didn’t seek what God wanted me to do. I did what I thought my parents wanted. I did what I thought my family wanted. I did what I thought I wanted. But I never even asked God why he has me here and what He wants me to do. I have truly missed the boat. But it hasn’t sailed yet because I am still here!

So, I am seeking to find that plan that I was created for. I  need to know with all that I am, just what God has in mind for me.

Have  you missed the boat? If  you are reading this you have NOT. Perhaps like me you need to seek the One that has the perfect plan for your life.

Ask Him. He wants to use you in a way that only you can do.


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