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quiet-25We recently had to have some blood work done. We are in a new area and everything seems just a little different.

We found the location and went into the room the woman at the desk directed us. No person was in the room to take our names and register us. Hmm that seems a bit odd. Wait!

There is a ticket machine with choices to press on it. After finding why we were there and pressed the button it spit out a ticket with the number E967. That can’t be good.

We took our seat and tried not to look at the others that were waiting with their ticket grasped tightly in there hands.

There was no talking and and just covertly looking around.

Then there was this booming mechanical voice, “Now serving number E950 at desk 2.” Great only 17 people in front of us.

Needless to say, this was our first time to have a number and having to wait to have a test run. We felt like we were at a fast food place waiting for our food order.

Got me to thinking about how when I have an urgent need I can go straight to God and there is no ticket counter to grab a ticket from and then an endless wait to get to talk to him.

Nope, all anyone needs to do is get to a place where it is just you and God and talk to him. Tell him all your needs, and thank him for what he is going to do.

We can go to God anytime. He loves to hear our praises and our prayers. He has said that he will take all our cares from us and lighten our load.

He is stronger than our trials. He is wiser than our troubles. He is such a loving Father. He never turns us away saying he has too many people ahead of us.

He is just a whisper away. He is waiting for us to come to him with everything, our joys, our fears, our sorrows, our inner most needs.

No ticket required!

He wants to hear what you have to say right now.



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