Lost Identity?


gift-2I have just started a new Bible Study that is titled “Your Identity in Christ”. It has me thinking about who I really am.

I used to be a daughter, but when my parents died, I felt like an orphan.

I used to be a sister, but when my sister died, I wasn’t.

I used to be a teacher but when I retired, I’m not.

I used to be a mother, but when our children moved out, I am just a long distance call.

I know this sounds all gloom and doom but it isn’t!

I am finding out who I REALLY am, a daughter of the King! It’s like I went on that program you see on TV and I got a “Leaf”. I am finding that one “leaf” leads to another.

I am here on purpose! Leaf.

My Father has a specific plan for me. Leaf.

I am never alone.Leaf.

I always can share my thoughts, joys, fears, and troubles with my Father. Leaf.

The King, my Father, offered me a gift, salvation. Now a gift is no good until it’s opened. (You won’t know what’s inside.) There is nothing I have done to deserve this gift, nothing I can pay to have it, it is a gift! I just had to “open” it.(accept that I am a sinner and need a Savior) It continues to lead to what seems another gift, and yet another. Joy, that comes from learning whose I am. Peace, that is unexplainable.

Did you know there is a gift for you also? (don’t you just love getting gifts!)

It’s up to you to open it!


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