Commercial Break


I don’t think I am a normal TV viewer. I like the commercials  more than most programs! It seems I find deeper meanings about life than the commercial intends.

Just one example I would like to share today. I have been doing a Bible Study on line with some friends about decluttering your life. Not only is it about decluttering your home, but yourself.

There was a lesson about God wanting us to declutter every area of our lives not just drawers and closets. Well, I am really an organized person so clutter makes me crazy. That being said, I don’t have drawers with clutter or closets with things I don’t wear. So the lesson didn’t seem to apply to me. The question of the day was, “What are you going to declutter from your life?”

As I was pondering the question, the commercial that came on the TV was perfect. There was a huge avalanche headed toward two fellows. One was in the truck ready to leave. The other one is at the back of the truck trying to get this huge video game machine into the bed of the truck.

The guy driving says, “You gotta let it go!” The other guy just wants to keep hanging on to this heavy load as the avalanche bears down on them. Then the driver takes out his phone and says, “Let’s sell it on Letgo.” They do and escape the avalanche JUST in time.

Got me to thinking of some of the baggage I have been carrying around lately. Things like guilt, sorrow, self condemnation. Then, the words “Let Go!”

Perhaps I do have some decluttering to do. We are to live lives of freedom not waiting for the avalanche to over take us with things like sorrow or guilt.

I need to “Let Go” and turn these things over to the only One that can take them from me, God.

1 Peter 5:7 tells us that we are to give ALL our worries and cares to God because he cares about us. Now that is a great reason to LET GO!

Guess I need to do some decluttering after all!

What about you?


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