I am sure this one word brings something to mind. Perhaps hiding eggs, or Easter baskets filled with candy. Maybe it’s getting a new outfit.

I’d like to give you something else to add to the above.


If you are married you know what it was like to anticipate that day. The excitement, the wonder, the joy that would flood your heart just thinking about the coming event. Anticipation!

If you are a parent you know the wonder of waiting for that new little life to arrive. Anticipation!

When I know that Easter is on the way my anticipation goes into high gear. Why you ask? It’s the time when I am reminded of all that Jesus did so that I can be forgiven. I am reminded of all the prophesy that has been fulfilled with the resurrection. I read and reread the story of how the Marys went to the tomb and the stone was rolled away. Anticipation!

I listen to the story told again in church about how the men were walking toward Emmaus and Jesus, whom they didn’t recognize, came to walk with them. How their hearts were stirred. Anticipation.

There is nothing stronger than our God. The grave couldn’t hold him, death was beaten.

He is RISEN.

We are forgiven.

Anticipation! Can you feel it?





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