When I was a kid we always had “chores” that had to be done before we could play. We would work together to complete them. My sister and I were in charge of the dishes. My parents would work in the garden in our backyard. We were always in a hurry to complete the dishes so we could go and help our parents in the garden.

Sometimes when we were finished with all that had to be done my dad would pop us all in the car and we would go to the Dairy Queen and have a treat or other times we would head out to a drive in chicken place. I remember those times with very fond memories.

I remember one time that was so out of character for my mom. She never did things backwards or tried to cheat. One time my dad was almost finished with the garden and we hadn’t even started the dishes which meant we weren’t going any where.

My mom had a plan of her own. As my sister and I watched in amazement she stacked the dishes and then proceeded to put them in the oven. Yep, you read right, the OVEN. (we never had a dishwasher.)

We must  have had eyes the size of soft balls as my mom held her hands to her lips for us to be quiet as she shut the door to the oven and told us we would do them later. And off we went to get my dad and head to Dairy Queen.

I will never forget that day as long as I live. It was such a secret and so out of character of the mother I thought I knew. I am not sure if she told  my dad. I do know we never let her forget it and it seemed our little secret. We would all laugh and giggle about the day the dishes were stuck in the oven to clean.

Some times I think we think we can hide things from God like my mom hid the dishes. We seem to think that our deepest longings and even our tattered lives are hidden from him. Perhaps we think he doesn’t care about such small things or things that are personal. Dreams we have had for a lifetime.

But the Bible tells us in Psalm 38:9 that the Lord KNOWS what we long for. He hears our sighs as we ponder things. He knows the number of the hairs on our heads.(Who would ever want to know that?)

God is not impersonal. He knows us each so intimately. There is nothing about us hidden from him. Before you start to panic, even knowing everything about you he calls you BELOVED. I know right? How could he know all about me and still call me his beloved?

Well, he does. His love letters to you tell you that.

You say you didn’t get any love letters.

He sent them to you in the Bible. They are his words just for you.

Read the Psalms as a place to start and listen to him tell you of his powerful love.

Read his love letters to you and find the “hidden” love God wants to share with you each day.


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