Ready For the Trip?


There is a lot of talk these days of immigrants. It got me to thinking of what it must be like to be in a different country from the one you know.

These people have chosen this particular country to come to. Why? Did they research us? Did they look on the map and say “That looks like the perfect place to go!” Was it the closest to them as far as distance to travel? Do they have relatives here? Did they learn the language?

Then I changed course and started to think of myself. I have never traveled from the United States. I have a passport but only used it to travel to Alaska. (no, it is not a foreign country still the USA but you have to travel through another country to get there.)

If I were going to a foreign country I would want to first of all learn the language. (have you ever been somewhere where those around you are speaking another language and they look your way and smile.) Yes, definitely learn the language.

Then I would want to know how to dress. Is it going to cold or hot where I am going. Do I need warm clothes or cold ones. Important to know.

There are also the rules in that country. Do I drive on the left or the right? As a woman can I go by myself to the market? Will I be safe? Can I go anywhere I want? Should I eat the food and drink the water?

Did I choose the country I am going to because I have relatives there? Will they welcome me, as we have never met face to face?

So many things to consider. So much to learn.

Did you know that as a Christian this world is not your home? Nope!

Don’t you think you need to prepare for your travel home?

You will need a passport. (confess your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior.)

You will definitely need to know the rules. (the Bible tells you all you need to know)

The food and water are the best. (The Bible tells you this)

There is no place safer, anywhere! (The Bible reassures us about this)

Your clothes will be provided. (Once again the Bible shares this)

Your relatives are eager to meet you face to face. (God your Father is waiting with open arms. You guessed it. It’s in the Bible)

Perhaps you need to get yourself ready for that journey. Start reading the guide and learn all you can so that your anticipation will be great and you will be ready to finally go Home.




4 thoughts on “Ready For the Trip?

  1. Anitaraye Shehi

    Longing for, waiting for and ready for that little corner table God has ready for us. Sharing tea time and lots of love and laughter. I miss those times together before you moved away. Yep, longing and waiting for our eternity to live with Jesus where joy and well being abound. Love you, my friend!

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  2. Tammy

    Oh how I long for our eternal home with Jesus!!!! And we can all be together to adore him see all the men and women of times past I wanna visit with Ruth and Ester !!!! Thank you for paining a wonderful picture again 🙂


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