Just a Little Bit


We were watching a program last night about animals and they were showing these ants. (eeewww) They were so small when it was just one, but then they showed the “army” as they were marching forward and nothing, I mean nothing, got in their way. They even moved this branch that was so much bigger than they. Then it showed them all together and they were like a wall. A real force to be reckoned with.

It got me to thinking of other small things that could become huge. The acorn,that becomes a mighty oak tree. The tiny newborn kangaroo that changes into an adult kangaroo.

Maybe more seriously, that “white lie” that turns into a catastrophe. How about that, ever so small sin, that leads to the separation of a couple? That little piece of gossip that loses a good friend.

Perhaps on the flip side, that tiny bit of faith you are holding on to that blossoms into a truth! In Matthew 17:20 it says;

     “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain,’Move from here to      there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

We are able to give those small things, like the need to gossip, or tell that white lie, to God and ask him to help us to be faithful to him instead. He is able to take our small faith and turn it into something much larger.

We learn that we can trust him with all our small things. Things like being unsure in the moment. Or things like which church to go to.

When we seek God and his will for our lives first, then we grow with each decision that he helps us make. So that when those BIG things like fear, anxiety ,and helplessness hammer away at us we know just were to go.

God is able. God is always available. God is always here. So take that little bit of faith you have and let him multiply it like only he can.


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