Brave Face


Have you ever had a day when you got up and felt like life was pressing in on you so hard you needed to put on a game face to get through the day?

I have been feeling just like that lately. There have been some very trying moments in my life and to get through the day I put on a “Brave Face” so that others would not know just how I was feeling.

You’ve had days like that? Wow! I thought I was alone in that feeling.

I have been reading a Bible study each morning called the First5 and it is entitled Christ Alone. Today’s study was sharing how it “isn’t about putting on a brave face and hoping for the best when we feel powerless.” Yeah I guess that was exactly how I had been feeling. POWERLESS.

That caught my attention. Someone had be feeling the same way and had the answer to my powerless feeling,

The next words are still ringing like a gong in my head. “We have the power through Christ, who is over every power. . . We are fully loved and accepted and empowered to say no to lesser things.”

The Power through Christ!  This is true on days we feel it and days we don’t. When we are rooted in His love it becomes a reality that anchors us.

Just like that tree in the picture, the wind blows THROUGH the leaves but since the tree is rooted deep the tree just lets the wind through and still stands.

I feel the wind, those hurtful words, the sorrow that is deep, situations that I can’t change, as they blow through. However, I don’t need that brave face any more because I am rooted in God’s love. I feel the “wind” but am not destroyed by it.

There is that deep breath of freedom once more. God is so good and his love is unending.

“This is the fullness of God.”



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