Steal Kill Destroy



This post is not about politics, even though it could be. It is not about ISIS although I guess it could be. No this post is about the things I have been going through lately. I will not bore you with the details.

I have been through some very trying days. They have brought depression, guilt, anger, sorrow, you name it I have felt it. How can a woman that calls herself a Christian go through all of this? Those words have run around in my brain like a knife carving out pumpkin. They caused more guilt, which leads to more sorrow, well you get the picture.

I hadn’t turned from God but kept seeking to find some help. An answer to all this pain. God has seemed so very quiet. There were days when I would feel that perhaps I was on the way again, but as soon as I left my quiet time the world would close in once again. I didn’t seem to be able to hold onto the words I had just read. I am sure I am not alone in all this. Have you been there? Done that?

This morning as I was waking up the words of the title were like someone shouting in my ear. Kill! Steal! Destroy! Now, most people wouldn’t want to wake up to those words, but they were such an encouragement to me. No, I am not out to hurt or harm anyone. I finally am beginning to understand.

We have an enemy. A horrid enemy that wants nothing more than to Kill, Steal, and Destroy.

He wants to kill all our hopes and dreams. He wants to kill the future we are promised.

He wants to steal all the joy in our lives. The joy, that God gives us each and every day.

This enemy wants to destroy our witness, the way we live our lives. He wants to destroy us so we will join him in everlasting separation from our Savior.

He is the one that tells you and me that we are never going to be good enough. We are never going to be perfect or do things right. We just don’t have what it takes. God could never love us or forgive what we have done. Lies meant to kill, steal, and destroy us. Don’t believe them for one nano-second! That is what Jesus came to take care of for us.

He has redeemed us, bought us back from sure death. He paid our price.

The reason these words brought me such encouragement is because I know that I am a child of God. He is my protection against all of this. He is the Light that pushes back this darkness. He is my shelter from harm. The Bible tells us if a man knew when a thief was coming  he would prepare. Well, guess what, I now know that the “thief” has come and I can once again be prepared.

I need to keep my eyes on God. He has no equal. There is no enemy that can even come close. He has no rival.

I must be doing something right that I have something worth trying to steal or destroy. Salvation! That just makes me more determined than ever to keep walking the path with God, holding tightly to his hand.


6 thoughts on “Steal Kill Destroy

  1. Love you dear lady. The battle rages on but we have the victory already in Christ. This battle is a common theme with us all. You are not alone. The song ‘keep your eyes upon Jesus’s is rolling through my head as I write this. Warrior woman keep fighting the good fight!


    • Thank you so much for your encouragement. Some days it is easier to keep my eyes on Jesus, others it seems so cloudy that I am unable to see through the gloom. But I am ‘Pressing on to the finish line!” I pray you are all doing well and I sure do miss you beautiful face.


    • I have only been writing when God gives me the message, sooo. Of course He is always right on time with what we need. I am so glad God is keeping me and you and all of us. Love you sweet Peep.


  2. When I think about how the enemy is out to kill steal and destroy all of us – I think about how quickly our lives can turn upside down. Things can be going great, so it seems, then BAM! The rug can be pulled out from underneath us. The only thing we can do in moments like those is cling tight to Jesus and ask Him to take over where we can’t handle. I’ve been there too. Asking God to wrap His loving arms around you as you navigate this difficult season and see what He has around the corner in your journey. There is more to come, friend! We know who wins and the enemy will be destroyed!!


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