Inside or Outside


Are you a person that thinks inside the box or outside the box?

A long time ago Isaiah had told the Israelites that a child would be born to rule over them. They were inside the box thinkers because they were looking for an earthly king.

Herod is king of Judea and some men come from the east, far away asking him “Where is the child that is born to be King of the Jews?” Herod thinks that someone is trying to take over his throne. He is thinking inside the box.

Jesus is riding into Jerusalem on a donkey and the people lay down palm branches and cloaks praising him shouting, “Hosanna.” They are thinking inside the box, thinking a King has come to save them from the Romans.

A blind man named Bartimaeus heard that Jesus was in town and threw down his coat and went to Jesus and asked to be healed. He was thinking outside the box to even think such a thing. (He was able to see after he went to Jesus!)

We tend to do a lot of our thinking inside the box. “There is no way out of this fix I am in.” “I will never get these bills paid.” “I have sinned too much to be forgiven.” So many locked in thoughts.

But in Isaiah 55:8 the LORD tells us, “My thoughts are not like your thoughts. And your ways are not like my ways,” God thinks outside the box. He tell us that nothing is impossible for him. NOTHING!

Our sins? Not impossible with God.

Our marriage? Not impossible with God.

Our finances? Not impossible with God.

Our government? Not impossible with God.

There is nothing we can think of that is impossible for God to solve.

We need to stop thinking inside the box and let God show us what it looks like OUTSIDE the box.

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