I have been struggling for the last couple of months with feelings of not good enough to write this blog. Who am I to offer any kind of advice to anyone! My life is in ruins. My faith is flagging. My husband keeps asking me if I am depressed. It seemed that I had fallen into a well and there was no bucket or rope to haul me out. Even the pastor at my church threw a wrench into the mix with something that made me question all I believed to be true.

I was going through the motions of pretending to be just “fine”. But I had no wish to go anywhere or do anything. I just wanted to be  very quiet and left alone.

One  morning while fixing breakfast I heard this song “Fear is a Liar” by Zach Williams. It brought tears to my eyes the words were just what I needed to hear. Listen.


Did you catch those words , “he will tell you your not good enough”, “your not worthy”, “not loved”,”you’ll never be enough”. Those were the exact words I had be hearing for the last two  months. I had a loop going inside my head. It could start to play at the drop of a hat. Perhaps something on the T.V. would press the play button. Maybe seeing something as I was grocery shopping, {play loop}, or while I was reading my Bible, yep {play loop}!

Have you been there? Is there a loop in you head telling you those hateful things? Let me tell you who “he” is that is the liar, Satan. He wants us in the deep dark well where we think those lies. Lies that we aren’t good enough, we are not worthy, no one can ever love us after the mistakes we have made. Those are straight out of his play list.

There are so many verses that tell us to not fear.

Isaiah 8:13 Don’t fear anything except the Lord of armies of heaven! If you fear him, you need fear nothing else.

Isaiah 41:10 Fear not for I am with you. Do not be dismayed. I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you;I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.

Romans 8:31b If God is for us who can be against us!

These are just a few. It also says that “perfect love casts out all fear.” 1 John 4:18

I am no longer in the well with the loop running in my mind. God has pulled me out and cleaned me off and I am back on track, because Fear is a liar. All he wants is to kill, steal, and destroy.

Run to the Savior, the LORD of Heavens Armies he is truth.

2 thoughts on “Liar

  1. Tammy

    Yes ma’am HE is a liar thank you for your blog your transparency that’s what the world needs people to be REAL and HONEST so the ones like us that struggle can talk about it …… satan LOVES our silence because if we SPEAK OUT LOUD HE LOSES HIS GRIP!!!! It’s in the silence he torments so thank you for sharing that Christians have tough valleys to walk and sometimes crawl through being real is being set free from the one seeking to destroy!!! May God bless you so richly and know even a well can have the sweetest water of life compliments of the savior !!!!!! You are loved and appreciated !!!!!!!!!💜


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