Is It Or Isn’t It


Have you noticed the randomness of public restrooms lately? Well, I have and find it a bit confusing!

I have entered the restroom and hurry into a stall only to find there is no lock on the door. So I hurry to one that has the lock and close the door, only to find the door and the lock are just enough off that they don’t meet. So, I must lift the whole door up so I can have a bit of privacy!

That completed I am able to use the restroom with out being caught in a compromising position when someone swings the door open only to say, “sorry” or “oops”. Ready to exit the small cubicle I turn to see if the toilet will flush itself, doing the little dance to the left and then to the right to unblock any sensor involved. No, this is not the automatic type so I reach back to push the handle (I am no longer able to lift my leg that high) only to get my finger caught in the handle and cause immediate pain. I can’t yelp with pain or it will cause a ruckus outside my little room to see if I have gone down the toilet. So, I silently scream out the pain shaking my hand out. I struggle with the lock lifting the door just a smig to open it.

I go to the sink. Are there knobs to turn the water on or is it going to come on by itself?  Ach! Ok, the water turns on by itself. Now I need to use the soap so I don’t get some awful infection from the handle that ate my finger. I hold my hand under the soap dispenser waiting for the liquid foam to come out. Maybe my hand is not in the right spot. So I move it around waiting. No luck. Oh wait you have to push the button. Yeah, there is soap and I am able to wash my hands.

Now to the towels. I run my hand past the towel dispenser, nothing. So next I run my dripping hands under the towel dispenser, nothing. I see the little handle that has to be pumped up and down and give it a couple of pumps. Finally, I  am on my way again.

Anyone else notice the randomness of bathrooms? Some have all electronic devises and others have one or two going for them. It’s like someone is playing a joke on you and are laughing their heads of with such randomness.

I am so very glad that there is no randomness in God. He tells us he is with us always. He didn’t say that he would be there sometimes and then sometimes he might be to busy to be there.

The Bible tells us that when we go to God and confess that we have sinned, “he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins.” (1 John 1:9)

Then to show that there is no “randomness” in his words he tells us in Hebrews 10:17:”I will not remember their sins anymore.” He doesn’t just forgive us, he doesn’t remember them once we confess them and turn toward him.

This is the perfect time to become a “Child of God”. He died on the cross for you.

He is Risen Indeed!

5 thoughts on “Is It Or Isn’t It

  1. Anita Shehi

    Sure made me smile–and smile even more thinking about God’s faithfulness to this beloved child of His. Thanks for the humor!


  2. I love this illustration and you are not alone. Add two little kids to the mix and public restrooms are enough to make me go bonkers!!! I’d also add the lack of purse hooks. That is one of my pet peeves. I’m so thankful I don’t have to worry about any of these issues with my Savior. He is so faithful and so consistent. I’m so very glad to be a child of God!!

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