Are you a reckless type of person? Just this past week, if you asked my husband he would say “Yes!’ I was driving kind of reckless. I drove across 5 lanes of traffic. I did look to see if there was anyone there first, so in my mind it wasn’t reckless. It did make it hard for my husband to breathe for a second, as I kept repeating, “I looked, there was nothing coming.” We did arrive at our destination in one piece and no one was harmed by my driving.

I had never thought of God’s love for us as being reckless, but in Cory Asbury’s song “Reckless Love”, it has given me something to think about. Have a listen.

He tells us we can’t earn it, don’t deserve it, still God gives himself away. We have all been enemies of God. When we are trying to do things on our own and are positive we know best and need no one, we are enemies of God. We have all sinned making us enemies of God.

God is relentless and reckless in his love for us. He finds us seeking everything but him. Alcohol, fame, money, you name it we run after it. There is nothing that God won’t climb up, stoop down, break through to come after us with his Reckless love.

Jesus went to the cross to die for you and me. Now that is a reckless kind of love.

He loves us that much. If you don’t know him, he is breaking down walls, tearing down lies, even leaves the ninety-nine to get to you and share his never ending reckless love with you.

Don’t turn him away. Be reckless!

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