I heard a song the other day that had me wondering about the lyrics. It’s the song by Josh Wilson   called, “Dream Small”.

I listened to the title and thought this guy has it all wrong. Aren’t we told to, dream
BIG? We are told that we can do anything. Shoot for the moon!

Are you dreaming big? Are you planning to write the next great novel? Perhaps you are working to be the new CEO of the company you are working for. How about the next Billy Graham.  Maybe you are going to be the greatest mom, executive worker there has ever been. Those are big dreams.

The only thing about Big dreams is that life continues to tick by with the day to day things. Do you miss the things that are taking place around you by dreaming or day dreaming of that Big Thing that hasn’t taken place yet.

Perhaps instead of being the next great evangelist, you could send a friend scripture daily to help her through the trials she is going through right now. Instead of thinking of what your great  novel will be about, share a Bible Study with a friend that doesn’t have the means to get out.

The song reminds us that when Jesus is involved with our dreams the small things become huge.

The 5 smooth stones took down the giant Goliath.

How about the boy that shared his lunch of a few rolls and some sardines, when Jesus got hold of them they fed 5,000 folks.

Its OK to dream big but don’t let the day go by where you have not asked the Lord to show you what small way you can make a difference.

A smile.

A hug.

A kind word.

These seem so small and insignificant but I can tell you from experience they can be huge and make a Big difference.

Listen to “Dream Small” and start doing some dreaming of your own.

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