Looking For My Father


In this day and age of heritage finding apps, and DNA testing to identify long lost relatives, I am searching for my Father.

My memories of my father are few. I was so very young when my father passed away. I only have mental snap shots of  what he looked like.

I know he was funny as he made a 78 rpm record of animal sounds, of all things! I know he liked to work with his hands as our basement was filled with his workshop and all his tools.

I know he liked to fish because I have memories of fishing with him in our boat.

I know he loved my mom and they liked to do things together with my sister and I, because I remember working in the garden with them.

However, I am not sure what it is like to be loved and protected by a father. I see my husband whose father was not a nice man. He didn’t seem to care for my husband and was only very critical for his whole life so that is not the model I want to find.

I see father’s that work long hours and have nothing left to give their children when they get home.

I watch commercials that show the father as a buffoon, or useless. How sad is that.

I am older now but I don’t think I will ever outgrow the need of a father’s love.

The Bible tells me that God is my Father. I like the sound of that. It tells me he will never leave me or forsake me. (Hebrews 13:5) That is a promise an earthly father can never make, I know, my father died.

The Bible tells me he has a plan for my life, a plan that will prosper me and give me hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11) Oh, how I need that and want it more than I can say.

He tells me he is my fortress and protection. (Psalm 18:2)

I think I have found my Father, or should I say  he found me!

If you are hurting and in need of Father’s love I suggest you turn to God.

He is ALWAYS available.

He is STRONGER than any problem you may have.

He will NEVER turn you away or tell you to come back later.

He loves you so very much and wants you to know that love. He even has your name on his palm. (Isaiah 49:16)

Get to know your Father.Check out his love letters to you, The Bible


7 thoughts on “Looking For My Father

  1. Anita Shehi

    Beautiful, Peg. Our Father’s love and faithfulness to us is beyond our understanding. Often it overwhelms me. Thanks for creating this beautiful picture of our loving Father. Love you!


  2. I’ve never known what it is like to have a father’s real love. Never met my own… but God. He is so gracious and patient. I’ve finally become a daddy’s girl and that makes all of the difference. Love you lady!


  3. Tammy

    This is so timely for me …….. if not for the love of our King and Heavenly Father I cringe at the thought of where I would be!!!! I pray my biological Dad finds the love of the all mighty Father soon but I’m beyond blessed I live for him!!!! And have my amazing sister in Christ to write these amazing encouraging stories 🙂 we love you!!!!


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