Raise Our White Flag


White Flag. What do you think of when you hear these words? Surrender? I give up? No more? You win?

This new song by King & Country is so wonderful. Watch and listen to O God Forgive us.

As you hear the words of the song do they ring true? Do we want “drive through peace and instant hope”? Is our doubt so thick we couldn’t cut it with the sharpest knife. These words are too close to the truth.

As we look at this world and where we have ended up, fighting over statues, even names of streets for goodness sakes. Yet do we tell our children there is a better way? Do we share with them that there is a God that takes away sin? Do we come to this same God EVERY day or are we too busy and want that instant hope?

The words continue with “young and old, black or white, rich or poor,  there’s no divide”. Why can’t we see this? We are all the same in God’s eyes? He created each one. We are different in the way that our own children are different. But we are the same in the same way our children are the same, they are ours.

I don’t think I can say it better than the song writers:

Run wild. To risk everything. To hold nothing back.
To lay it all on the line: your reputation, your success, your comfort.
It’s that moment when fear is overcome by faith. Live free.
It’s not the liberty to do whatever you want whenever and wherever you want,
But rather it’s living in accordance with the author of humanity
And finding freedom by connecting with the creator who conceived you.
Let the light flood into your eyes for the first time.
Feeling the blood course through your veins, finding the truest version of yourself
By knowing the one who knows you even better than you know yourself.
Love strong. Because you were first loved. Because without love we all perish.
Because the earth and the stars can and will pass away, but love, love will always remain.

1 Corinthians 13:13

“And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.


Even If


Have you ever had a time that a theme in life just keeps popping up at the oddest moments? Well for the last few weeks that has been  happening to me.

Our pastor has started  a new series entitled “Shattered”. It is based on the book of Job. How his life was fantastic one minute and the next everything was gone.

Then as I read a blog of a friend this morning it was about “Broken” and how we are ALL broken at one time or another.

Got an email from a friend that is suffering in all areas of her life.

In my life there are things that weigh heavy like a mountain on my chest.



In the blog my friend shared this song by Mercy Me. Perhaps you have already heard it but take a few minutes and listen to the words once again.

Everyone has troubles, is broken, shattered at sometime in their life. Probably more than one time. But did you notice that the words said, “I know your able, I know you can.” We seem to know that God is all powerful, he is more than able. We know there is nothing he can’t do. But is that enough? Is that helping your struggles right now? Do you trust him to be enough?

Listen to the very next words. “But even if you don’t, my HOPE is you alone!” Did you catch that?

Even if you don’t. Even if God doesn’t take away the pain. Even if God doesn’t “fix” the problem. Can we get to the place where we can say, “My Hope is YOU alone”?

When Job lost all his possessions, family, and wealth. He was broken, shattered, but he was able to state the fact that all he had was from God. Then he worshiped God. God WAS his hope.

We need to get to the place where God is our hope alone.

Not what we can achieve.

Not our finances.

He is able. Even if is seems He doesn’t answer the way we want.

Trust him.

Seek him.

Then you can say just like the song,


Too Small



I love to listen to Christian music. It just lifts my spirits and I sing along and feel my self smiling. Is there something like that for you?

Well, lately the song by Natalie Grant, “King of the World” keeps popping up on the radio. Listen here.

Did you hear the part about putting God in a “box that I designed”? Well, that is exactly what I have been doing lately.

I have been having some difficulties in my life lately and I take them to God, but I tell him the way he needs to solve each and every problem. I am sure I have things all figured out and just how God should handle things! (maybe I am alone in this, but I don’t think so) Why do I need God then?

This song keeps telling me that God doesn’t fit in the small box I have for him and He is made small by my thinking he would follow the lines I have made up for him. It goes on to just tell how great God really is, His voice tames the seas. (remember when Jesus told the wind and waves, “Be Still”?) I need to remember that He made Me out of dust!

When I hear this song it reminds me to not put God in a box but watch and see just what he is about to do. I need to stop my “fixing” and just continue praying. He is bigger than I can imagine. He is more creative than I can fathom. It is exciting to think about just what he is about to do to work on all these difficulties I am facing.

Do you have your own “box”?

Perhaps its time to rethink that.

That’s a Wrap


thanks-31I have so enjoyed writing for you the last 30 days. This has been a daunting challenge to write for 31 days, but you have stuck with me and your comments have kept me going. Thank you.

There are so many great songs out there that glorify God and say what’s on our hearts. I have  just shared a few of my favorites with you. I pray you were able to see them and hear them in a new way. I also hope that they have drawn you closer to God and opened your eyes just a little wider to the wonderful, loving, amazing God that loves us beyond all else.

Please come and join me on Wednesdays, at Daughter of the King as I continue to blog of God’s love. I pray you have been encouraged.




priceless-28“Mirror, mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all?” Remember that line from your childhood? It was a not so beautiful looking lady asking a talking mirror who was the most beautiful woman in the land. The mirror would always answer “you.” Then one day the mirror changed it’s answer and told the woman another name.

What does your mirror tell you in the mornings as you put “your game face” on. ( that’s what I call it in the morning) Are the things you  hear in your head, “you don’t measure up”, “better hide those wrinkles or people will talk”, or ” look at the size of that blemish!”.

Do you think the person in the mirror is who you are? Is the real you so much more than what you are seeing? I know some mornings I look in the mirror and wonder who is that older woman standing in front of me? I feel so very different inside than what is showing on the outside. (hmmm)

I have such wonderful news for you. God doesn’t really care about the outside trappings he is looking at the inside. He sees you as irreplaceable, incomparable, one of a kind! There is no one like you even if you are a twin!

The song for today is “Priceless” by For King and Country. Listen and be awed by how God sees you as he looks on you! You are worth more than diamonds and pearls. Like the beautiful rose above that’s in bloom, one of a kind, a beauty, that is how God sees you.

When we confess our sins and turn our life over to the one that created us he makes us “oh so priceless.” It doesn’t matter what you have done, or where you’ve been He is in the remodeling business. You can start again! You can be washed clean and be that beauty “dressed in white” with “every wrong made right!”